Beneath The Massacre - Maree Noire

Beneath The Massacre - Maree Noire

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Beneath the Massacre hit a sweet spot on this EP, avoiding several banalities and pitfalls that the genre is known for. There isn’t an obnoxious overuse of directionless wank and breakdowns.  In fact, both are put to use as good songwriting techniques in applying some semblance of dynamic. The songs always seem to have a purpose and a realized direction. Marée Noire just feels right on just about every level. The production lends to a beefy and chaotic atmosphere where the low, thundering riffs and blasts of double-bass will certainly put subwoofers and good headphones to ample use. Beneath the Massacre provide what is in my opinion the right kind of brutality and heaviness.  - HeavyBlogIsHeavy

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