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The Mirror Void

$10.00 - $19.99

  • The Mirror Void
  • The Mirror Void
The Mirror Void

$10.00 - $19.99

Release Date: November 10, 2017

Australian one-man band Nekrasov continues to orbit between the two poles of Power Electronics and Black Metal, but the singular focus on otherworldliness remains consistent, and while the experience is challenging to the utmost, it is also ultimately rewarding.

For over 20 years, Nekrasov has managed to produce a furious and manic sound while experimenting with a broad spectrum of avant-garde techniques beginning with his first release, Into The No-Man's Sphere Of The Ancient Days in 2007. With ambient and industrial elements colliding against his black-metal roots along with abstract vocals that approach the noise of the guitar, Nekrasov has carved out and created his own niche and cult following.

The Mirror Void tracklisting:
1. Whatever pleases you, keeps you back
2. Fragmentation and the rapid quicksand of concept
3. And that you think yourself to be! Such deceit!
4. The ignorance of the 5 elements
5. The mirror void
6. Boils and fevers clear the body of impurities
7. To be bound is effortless, feel the ease dear one and wrap your arms around your broken realm with heart eternal

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