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  • Consecrationem
  • Consecrationem


Release Date: November 23, 2018

Debut EP, 1st pressing limited to 300 copies worldwide.

1. Solifugae
2. Abraham's Dagger
3. Katharsis
4. With Open Veins

Kenosis is a creation manifested by E.S. Tsel and Mysteriis in order to further develop personal levels of spirituality, musicianship and the fulfilment of a cosmic void.

Kenosis (κένωσις) is a theological term of Greek origin for the "self-emptying (of one's own will) in order to receive God and the Divine Will", or a divinity becoming human, by casting aside all divine attributes.

The God concept that Kenosis assumes is that of an omnipresent cosmic emptiness, purged of all human characteristics; by becoming empty, one becomes akin to the idea of divinity. For Kenosis it is essential to take distance from the Will, the Self and the dogmatic assumptions to achieve a broader perspective for observation and analysis upon myriads of phenomena. The modus operandi of Kenosis is to engage a concept or experience and meticulously translate the subject into sound. The themes of Kenosis discuss and contemplates existential, ontological and esoteric subjects.

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