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Colony Collapse

$12.00 - $19.99

  • Colony Collapse
  • Colony Collapse
  • Colony Collapse
  • Colony Collapse
Colony Collapse

$12.00 - $19.99

South Carolina’s only grind band, WVRM, are preparing to release ​Colony Collapse​, their debut  release under the Prosthetic Records banner. An uncompromising collection of 14 short, sharp shocks, ​Colony Collapse​ is a product of its surroundings, an anthology of its environment, and a detailed record of the lives of the people who made it. Over the course of their preceding three splits, four EPs and two full lengths, WVRM have experimented with pushing their personal and musical boundaries; ​Colony  Collapse​ captures the evolution of their sound and politics in one relentless and violent release.

LP Pressing:
200 copies on Yellow in Clear w/ Orange Splatter Wax

CD Pressing
1000 copies made worldwide

1. Walled Slum City
2. War Promise//Secessionville
3. Shining Path
4. Anti-Democracy//Locust Breath
5. Black Flags Toward Sodom (Me Ne Frego)
6. Tank Reaper
7. Hands That Bear The Hive
8. Thorn Palace
9. My Fucking Dixie (The New South)
10. Years Of Lead
11. Violet Nuclear
12. Furious Movement//The Burning Tower
13. Colony Collapse
14. Angel Of Assassination

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