Jason Kui - Naka

Jason Kui - Naka

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Guitar maestro, Jason Kui, returns with ​Naka​ - his second studio album comprising of a diverse  and exciting collection of songs that show off his eclectic prowess. His travels as a sought-after  session musician have inspired his writing process for ​Naka​ and his broader musical journey.  

1. Splash!
2. Pixel Invasion feat. Andy James
3. Interlude - Roseneath
4. Naka feat. Andy Timmons
5. Meanbird feat. Tom Quayle
6. The Creator / The Destroyer feat. Poh Hock
7. Dance of Awakening The Spirit Part II, The Ballad of The Headless Horseman
8. Games Brown (Hey!)
9. Intro to Then and Now
10. Then and Now

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